Renaissance Necklace

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Renaissance Necklace

The renaissance necklace is a mix of antique bronze white metals - brass - metal plated ceramic beads - charms and a metal focal coin pendant. The leather cord necklace is two-sided and fastens with a hook and eye clasp.

Basic Instructions - Fold the leather cord in half creating a two strand necklace. String the hook end of the clasp at the fold centering it on the leather cord. String two 5mm cube beads over both strands of leather cord. Separate the strands and start string the beads as shown below. Three strand connectors are added to connect the two strands. Add jump rings to the cross charm and coin pendant before adding. A second three strand connector is added on the opposite side. When you finish adding the beads, end the necklace with two 5mm cube beads, stringing them over both strands of leather cord as you did in the beginning. String the eye end of the clasp on one strand of the leather cord and tie in a knot placing the strands so they lay flat. Add accent beads and end with knots. Enjoy!

The supplies required are listed below - one each of the small quantities with the exception of the maltese cross beads you will need 2.

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